Our vision for the school is to offer classes up through the 10th grade. There are very few alternatives for completing such a high level of education for our blind students. As of now, we seem to be on track for adding a 10th grade class by September 2014.

After the 10th grade, we would like to be able to offer blind and visually impaired students vocational training, since there are few professional prospects for many of these young people in Jordan. This would help students to enrich and earn income for themselves as well as enable them to be participating members of society, instead of being stuck sitting at home or being forced to beg on the street because of the financial stress housing the disabled can cause to families. We do not want our blind pupils to be placed into a passive and inactive life, which is likely to happen if the students are not given vocational training after the 10th grade. If this were to happen everything we and the students have worked for for so many years would be lost. Unfortunately in Irbid, and throughout Jordan, there are very few occupations accessible to the blind.

In September of 2015, after our first 10th grade class has graduated, we hope to introduce vocational training. This training will be held in the old church building in Husn, a village on the outskirts of Irbid. In order to do this the building will need to be renovated. We plan to also use this building as a recreation and community center for blind, visually impaired, and sighted people. We would be able to provide additional activities and services in this space during school holidays, since school is only in session for 200 days a year.

This project will require at least 300,000 JD, for start up funds. A small portion of this has already been covered by a generous donation from Germany, but there is still a long way to go on the fundraising front.